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I’m always surprised how few tip-up anglers have heard about or use tip-up markers. 

They’re simply a telescopic fiberglass stake used to make identifying the exact location of your tip-ups easier, and they’re especially nice whenever you’re using low profile underwater or thermal style tip-ups, have a large number of units covering an expansive area, or are fishing in low visibility snowing or blowing conditions.

Just telescope the marker out to its full length, and stick into the snow (or slush formed around the base) to secure.  The markers will reveal—even from a distance--where your tip-ups are set for an easy visual of your layout covering the structure or contour, plus identify where units are set so snowmobilers, four wheelers, trucks and other vehicles can avoid them.   I also like to set the markers on the side of the tip-up where the flag will pop.  This way, the black marker contrasts against the orange flag making them easier to see, particularly in blustery conditions. 

HT’s commercially produced markers even feature reflective tape at the top—great when fishing a night—and a measuring tape along the side for checking to see if your catch meets size requirements.