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Fishing for trophies with larger baits but concerned your tackle can’t handle it?

Don’t be!  When using larger baits, HT’s Polar tip-up can be adjusted to create heavier settings and increase the amount of “drag,” using several methods:

  • For a slight increase in “drag” effect, simply place the flag wire on the notched side of the trip shaft.
  • To increase the “drag” effect more, set the flag wire on the side of the trip shaft that causes the wire to travel UP the angled flag wire whenever the spool turns—this means the trip actually has to exert force downward on the spring loaded flag before releasing, which requires more overall force to trip the flag.  To increase this “drag” effect even further, combine this tip with the above step by placing the flag wire on the notched side of the trip.
  • If this still isn’t enough pressure, loosen the set screw holding central tube mechanism in place, raise the tube and re-tighten the set screw with the tube set in this exaggerated position.  This setting increases the angle of the flag wire against the trip, and provided the trip shaft is set on the side of the flag wire where the trip must travel up the angled flag wire to release, this increased angle requires the trip shaft to actually push the flag wire even further downward before tripping, thereby increasing the amount of force needed to trip the flag and creating an even heavier “drag” effect.  The higher the angle, the more force, and thus the more “drag” you can create.
  • You can also bend a curve in the flag wire itself, which accentuates the angle of the flag wire against the trip shaft.  This creates a considerable amount of additional drag, especially when this trick is combined with the raised tube mechanism described above.   The deeper the bend, the higher the tension.
  • For a maximum amount of drag tension, combine all of the above steps.   Raise the tube mechanism high, bend a deep curve in the flag wire and being sure the trip must slide up the flag wire to release, set the flag wire on the notched side of the trip. 
  • For in-between settings, try mixing just one or two of these steps and set using only slight or moderate flag wire angles, tuned carefully to provide your desired level of tension.