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Chad M. Meyer

Born 3-10-80

Prostaff for  HT inc, Eskimo ice fishing,, Sullivan tip down! 

I am married to my wife Laura and have two boys Allen and Hoyt. 

 Favorite method of fishing is modified tight line using small HT tungsten jigs tipped with panfish plastics . Keep moving to stay on top of the fish. I love pan fishing!  Crappies and gills are my top targets! 

I enjoy fishing many bodies of water each winter! I am one of the few fisher people who don't have a favorite lake or fishing spot. I enjoy fishing new water! I rarely fish the same lake more than once or twice a season. 

While I do enjoy fishing a tournament, I truly enjoy volunteering to take veterans fishing. Each winter I volunteer for a great organization called Veterans Outdoor World. (VOW) a all volunteer organization that is dedicated to getting veterans into the outdoors! 

My favorite fish to chase has to be bluegills followed closely by crappies! I still try to get out and chase some walleyes and other fish each ice season!